Friday, July 1, 2011



Actually, all I have been thinking about is the upcoming hot weather.      I said it before, I hate hot weather and cold weather.   I like Autumn the best.  Went shopping for a wedding shower gift.   It is nice that a couple can make a list and then you can go to the store and see what is on their wish list.  They call it registering….It saves a lot of thought and what to buy on the case of the attendee.    A lot of things on the list were not in the store, they could be ordered.    But, the person who was doing the purchase had to eat the cost of the delivery as opposed to the store where their product was not in stock.

Last week I mailed a package to Emily.   It contained two sheer panels and about six packages of Fajita seasoning that could not be obtained where she lives.   I went to the UPS store and to ship that package to her address would have cost me $17.00.   Good grief that was expensive.   The next option at the UPS store was US mail ground shipment, which cost $11.   I chose the US mail.  When it got to her house Chuck said that the UPS people had added a $5 surcharge, so the real cost to ship it would have been $6.    The clerk did not mention the fact that I would be paying a surcharge and I did not think to ask. 

You can believe that the next time I will take the 15 minute drive to the Post Office and mail it there.   When did shipping UPS become so expensive?    The last I really used UPS on a regular basis was when Emily was in college in Ohio and it was not expensive at all.    Guess I have been out of the loop for a few years on shipping cost.  

This trip to Emily’s had two objectives to be done.   One was to do the trim and paint the bathroom.    Mission accomplished on that one.   The ceiling and trim are now a bright white and the walls are a dark  colonial blue.    Chuck and Emily said the white really pops out the blue and it looks GREAT.   The other project was plumbing work in the basement and to bring water to the stationary tub.    Now, who in the world would have a stationary tub with no water supply?     

I have thought on that for a long time and can not come up with an answer on that.     It was there at one time because there were the remnants of two handles for the water.   That shall remain a mystery to the three of us.

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  1. We had a tub with faucets and drain and all when we moved to a farm in Lincoln when I was about 10 years old. Plumbing was in but no connection to the well. We could use it by heating water and pouring it in the tub cause it would drain. Shipping is terrible as far as expenses. How does Emily like her job by now??