Friday, September 9, 2011


I have spent the past few days worrying about the weather and the daughter. 
She lives in NE PA and the rain of the remnants of Lee have been on everyone’s mind.  The rain they have received was about 10 inches over two days.   There was no rain in her basement, nor  was she flooded.  Which is a great plus.   

For two days the OR schedule has been cancelled because of the flood.   Her water has  to be boiled and this morning she received notice that the sewer system is down.
But she is much better than the people a mile or so south because their levee was breached and town flooded.

Chuck is going up on Sunday and taking along some bottled water and hand sanitizer.   There is one evacuation center that takes pets.   I remember reading that the reason a lot ofpeople did not leave New Orleans was because they could not take their pets.  The local Tractor supply  store donated cages for the dogs and Wall-Mart donated water.   Pizza Hut donated pizzas for thepeople in the shelter.

What I was surprised about was the local town Sayre PA gave up to date information on their page.  I had checked the Bradford County Facebook but nothing was posted. 
The daughter just informed me the cable was out.   My reply was be happy you have electricity.

She has never had to deal with any disaster before.


  1. My thoughts were with you all when I realized it could be affecting people I know from the blog. I am so glad that your daughter was not affected any more than she was.

  2. She is back to work today and no longer has to boil water. Some of her co-workers have lost everything.