Thursday, September 15, 2011


Not really, but it is going to be cool......and that's the way I like it.   I seem to be lacking in the news department.   I wanted to post every day but I find I have nothing newsworthy to write about.  All in all my life is pretty mundane,  but I suppose most people are like that. 

Today I spent at my volunteer job.  I am researching records for the Diocese of
Pittsburgh,   This is for genealogical research, people who are searching for their ancestors.  It is funny, on the web site it gives instruction on what the records contain and what information we can give you, but people still write and ask for things like death certificates, and cemetery information.  

My husband said, as he thought too, that all this information is on computer and all we have to do it hit a button.   I am searching through manually written records from the past 100 to 200 years.   Many are faded and written in a old script.  Some of the parishes have well documented records and others are bare bones.   Some parishes have complete records and for most many are missing.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, I will be cleaning.   WOO_WOO  I hate to clean...I ought to do a survey on that one........


  1. I hate weekly cleaning.....but spring and fall deep cleans I love.

  2. My house could use a good cleaning.

  3. Thanks for the comment. I agree that appliances with every fancy gadget imaginable is going to give up the ship lots sooner than our older ones. I guess after having 5 kids, I should be proud of every wrinkle. Thanks