Sunday, October 16, 2011


This has been such a busy month, and I do not know why.  Perhaps I do.   Chuck had the surgery on his wrist and a visit to the daughters was in order.   She and I spent time sightseeing, shopping and cleaning.   I guess the minutia of getting the house ready for winter was somewhat tackled.  

What we did was trimming the shrubs and collecting the branches and weeding the garden.   The new windows pop open for easy cleaning on the outside from the inside of the house.

  We did go to Binghamton NY to eat at a Vegetarian restaurant.   We check the website and decided we wanted to go.   It was a disappointment in the fact that it had suffered damage in the floods of a month ago, but no word or statement about the restaurant being closed was on the website.  With all the information out there in the different cities the people who own these establishments should realize that a simple note would be a kindness to those who do not live in that city.  We will go again when the damage is repaired and hopefully it will be open.







A few pictures of Tunkhannock Falls and Gorge, which was a nice hike.  I wonder what it will look like in the winter.

The Finger Lakes Region of New York State has many water falls and they are really impressive.


  1. Good pictures. You must have some breathtaking scebery there. Tell the kid hi from Goofy Lucy.

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