Sunday, October 2, 2011



For the past few years Chuck has been having pain in both wrists, which is due to arthritis.   He was taking Celebrex and lately it has not been helping much.   I wonder how bad it would have been if he had stopped taking it?      So, last week he had surgery on his right wrist, which was hurting the most.   The hand guy went in and removed some small bones and rearranged a few bones.   I watched the video on uTube and it was not a pretty sight. 

In the pre-op area we had discussed post op pain control and a peripheral never block with the anesthesiologist  for post-op pain control.   I am so glad we had and were consented because he was having so much pain.    After the nerve block we went home and his pain relief lasted for about 18 hours.   He is getting better and strangely the pain was a lot less with the addition of the Celebrex along with the pain killer.    He is on the mend.

So, what of all the time to happen, would yesterday be the day that rain would start dripping from the kitchen ceiling.   I had been raining for a few days and it picked this week to come in the house.   Choices, not many.  I told him to call a roofing guy.  Chuck thought he could get up on the roof and fix it (with a cast on his right arm no less)   I did not think it would be a good idea for him to be on the roof in the rain, with a freshly operated upon arm.    I told him if he fell of and got killed I would have to call the roof guy to finish the job anyway.

So, I whose mantra is never volunteer, volunteered to go and caulk the shingles with tar.    Number one I do not like to get dirty, do not like to get wet, and do not like heights.   The place where the leak was located is quite close to where the electric supply comes into the house.   I did not like that idea either.    The good part was it had temporarily quit raining for an hour or so.   I did not have rain on my head, just the rain on my body from lying on the roof.

Under his instruction,  I spent about a half hour squeezing the tar on the edges and on the shingles.   I got dirty……and wet.   I am sorry to say that the leak had not completely stopped but has slowed down.   He still thinks he is going to get on the roof, I think he should wait till the cast is off, which will be in about two and a half weeks.

Bad Karma is all I can say.   Well, not so bad, no one got hurt in this process.


  1. I have got to admire you for trying!!! I don't like heights and I must say it had to be true love to make you go up there. Chuck should not go up there, I agree but stubborn men will have their way.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the block. Having a heck of a time getting an insurance co. to take me because of a-fib. They went through 148 plans and A-fib knocked me out every time. She finally got one put together and I should get it today or tomorrow. It involves straight medicare, a drug plan and a insurance co that she thinks we can afford.. Joe has had heart surgery, and has a pace maker/defribulator and has never been refused on these plans for the elderly that Bush came up with and I think we have been getting ins. that way for 5 years and no one has ever turned him down. Hope Chuck is better.

  3. Medicare don't refuse anyone as far as I know but there are a lot of large co-pays. The advantage plans that was put in about 5 years ago that can REFUSE. I got my optins in the mail this morning. Will be talking about it on my blog tomorrow