Thursday, November 17, 2011



October and November seem to have flown by.  In October Chuck and I went to Williamsburg VA,  although we are both retired I went to a conference because I wanted to keep up my certification for two more years.   “Just in case..”  as Emily put it when she was six when I asked her if she wanted to see Santa.  “I don’t believe he is real, but I will see him just in case.”  So, I will recertify my Nursing Specialty.   I have no plans of working but who knows what the fates have in  store.


Our trip to Williamsburg was great, we had the afternoons off and since we stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge we got a discount on the tickets.  Chuck is fascinated by the way things were done years ago.   




I do not know if we will return, but it was a good trip.


Then in November I went to visit my friend Ruth and her daughter and husband.  We went to Asheville and that is a great town, the weather was cool and wind brisk.  We visited a few shops and an antique store and had lunch.    On Saturday we went on a winery tour courtesy of James. Sarah’s husband, it was a Christmas Gift to Ruth and the rest of us went along.   It was great.  We visited four wineries and they have wine tasting.   You pay a nominal fee, taste about seven wines and keep the glass.





Claudia, Ruth and James with Evelyn.   This was the first stop on the trip.   Picture was taken by Sarah, James wife and Evelyn’s mother.



Evelyn  was interested in the red wine.




My idea of group therapy.




We tasted wine till sundown and then off to dinner.   It was  a great trip and we all went home on Monday.


  1. I figured you were traveling and it looks like your travels included fun. I am not fond of antiques but I now wish we had kept some that mom had. Actually if you want to get technical every thing they had would probably be classified as antiques. It looks like you had a good time and the pictures are great. The best was the last scenic picture. Glad you are back safe and sound.

  2. I like your new look...very nice.

    Group therapy indeed! This last photo is spectacular. What a gorgeous way to end the day.