Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am talking about the Holiday where there were no stores open and everyone spent time with their families.   The change has been insidious over the past few years.   I found it annoying that the retail stores have the need to squeeze  out the spirit  of the holiday for the almighty dollar.   If you read the news there have been a lot of protests from the people who are required to work tonight while the stores are opening at eight PM.   I am willing to bet that the people who came up with the idea are at home with their families.  


I will not be out this evening nor will I be out shopping all weekend.  I can not stand the crowds pushing and shoving to save a few bucks on things, people jousting and pulling things from the hands of others and sitting in the cold and rain for the first shot at the doors to get some bargain where there are four items.


I will be home, ensconced  in my bed, enjoying the tryptophan rush from the turkey 


  1. I agree one hundred percent. Their was a line, some with those pop up tents lined up outside of Best Buy all day yesterday and stay till they opened. They missed their Thanksgiving altogether. That is crazy. Like everything else, things have changed tremendously.

  2. The craziest part was all the ruffians and fools at Walmart. Yesterday taught me to stay the hell out of Wallmart.

    They made a lot of money but how much was lost due to shoplifting?