Saturday, December 10, 2011


That I have not written since the day after Thanksgiving.   I really do not know what I have been doing, I guess my life has been so mundane that there is nothing to report.  I have been busy with the genealogy research.

I wanted to go to the Christmas Flower show at the Phipps and on Friday the weather forecast called for a cold, blustery day with snow showers.   I decided to go on Sunday.  Well, today turned out to be sunny, I will be mad if tomorrow is cold, overcast and blustery.   Going to the Phipps is a planned event.  First you have to check to see if there is any football or other sport being played at the local Universities and make you plans after that.

I like to go early on Sunday because people are either sleeping or in church.   I will take my camera and post some pictures tomorrow.  Nothing going on, really.  I think that is a good thing when you can consider all the bad things that can happen.


  1. I agree about all the bad things that can happen. So far so good at our house.

  2. I'm coming down for the show this year. I'm hoping to catch an evening. How was it?