Monday, November 28, 2011



After writing my last post about where Thanksgiving has gone, I must go on to where did sanity go?   You read a lot about the most dangerous cities in America and I have to paraphrase it, sort of. 

The most dangerous place in American is Wal-Mart on Black Friday.  I was honestly surprised by the number of so called people who were acting like animals.  Wait a minute, perhaps the animals act better.   No, they do act better, especially mother animals taking care of their offspring.

I read the list of Wal-Mart episodes all over the country and the acts of violence inflicted upon their fellow man.    What even gave them the idea that this might be a good idea?  Or where they thinking at all,  I suppose not.   

Perhaps this is the beginning of the decline of society in general.   Rules are no longer followed, everyone wants something for nothing and everyone thinks they are special.   No one is responsible for themselves, but YOU are responsible for everyone.

My other though is amongst the violence and mayhem that occurred that night, how were their profits?   If you subtract out the price of security, damages that were caused, potential lawsuits and the if one can imagine, how much losses could be attributed to shoplifting in that chaos.

  I would be willing to bet it was high with individuals mad that they did not get one of the two items that were there discounted for the most fleetest of foot.    Also people who would take advantage of the situation to help themselves because they felt they are entitled to it.  

Entitlement, don’t let me get started on that subject today……

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  1. I have never gone out on black Friday and seeing all the reports of violence, especially, Walmart, I am glad I didn't start this year.