Thursday, January 19, 2012



This week I have started on moving things to their new final destination.   I took two printers and some random cords (where are the items to which they were attached?) 

Other things were clothing, and sort of odds and ends, plastic ware, cups and glasses.   A few books of uncertain source, a lot  of these things were in boxes that Emily brought home from college c. 2004.

I have reconsolidated things and eliminated about eight to ten boxes, and that was the first pass through.  

If the snow continues I should start on some remaining boxes this weekend.   I still have about twenty to thirty books and their destination will be Half Price Books.  

That is really the sum of my activities this week.   Other than cooking and eating out. 

I am starting a new blog. MY PHOTOS...FILM TO DIGITAL   this will require me to go through another few boxes and scan the best.   I have forty years worth so I suppose I could post a few pics per week, if not daily.

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  1. Please come and do our basement!!!! Joe won't let me go down the stairs. He says he is doing it. I know how he does it. Moves it a little.