Monday, January 9, 2012



I have decided that I need to clean out.  This was prompted by a discovery last week that the sewer needed to be unstopped and I was overwhelmed by the accumulation of junk (??) in the basement.  Why is it there?   We can’t throw it away, must be some inertia.   None of this stuff was involved in the sewage incident but the time has come to purge.

I went through a few boxes this morning.  The problem is what to do with this stuff.   If you have forgotten that it exists, do you really need it?   We have quite a few boxes of books from the past forty years.   They are either going to the used book store or the library for their sale.   There must be some other people who want these books, or perhaps I should dump them in the recycle paper bin.

If I check eBay I know I am done….When my sibs and I cleaned my fathers house after his death we wondered why he saved all this stuff.   I think I have it figured it out, he could not get rid of it.  I am feeling somewhat the same myself……………


  1. All I can say is GOOD LUCK!!!Our basement is full of senseless stuff. Joe does not want me to go to the basement alone and if he is there he wants to hang on to all.

  2. I am feeling a lot more anxious about any surgery but I know I am going to feel better if I have it. Monday will tell the true tale. I just hope we won't get any flack from Insurance. I took out a form of Blue Cross and Blue shield. It is called Blue ppo and I pay 84.40 a month for it, which I did because of the skeletal problems. Insurance lady tried to get me on a free advantage plan with a supplement but no one would touch me because of the A-Fib.

  3. I pay 84.43 for the Blue PPo and it is actually a branch off for the elderly from Blue Cross Blue Shield. I can not show my medicare card at all. I have called several places since and they take it. Dr. Reckmeyer accepts the card according to his front office help but does not contract for it. They will file it for me but since he does not contract for it I have to pay more than what they get from the insurance co. I look for them to do away entirely with those cards. There were a lot less last year than the year before. I was going to take medicare and get a supplement but no one wanted me because of the A-fib. I had the one I have now and the only other one that would take me was AARP at 225.00 a month. I could not do that but itwas excellent coverage.