Sunday, January 29, 2012



I can say now that the metamorphous of the basement is complete, unless I decided to go through a Round Two.   That may happen but it will not be anytime soon.  I think I have just exhausted myself mentally with the past few weeks of work.

Now I have to scan and copy the remains of our parents paper lives.  It is amazing what I have found, things I did not know exist because some of the boxes have been downstairs before I started on my genealogical quest.  

The things are all in good shape and that is because I have always had a dehumidifier, and kept the basement at about 60% humidity.   My next project will be to set up the computer and scanner in a place it will not be disturbed by cats.   The cats are getting elderly and are not really interested in jumping up, or perhaps, the have a bit of arthritis and are unable to jump.  

My long term plan  will be to tackle the attic next, but that will be in the spring because of the heat up in that space.   I do not know how hot it gets but I made a mistake one year and tried to store a few Christmas candles and they morphed into a blob of melted wax.   Anything stored after that fiasco is now virtually indestructible.


  1. I don't know if you read my blog in the last 2 or 3 days but am I glad I changed doctors. This doctor said neither hip need replaced. He said the left one is not bone to bone but it would be the one to replace in a year of 2. The steroid in my knee is doing its job so far. I think that is a money grabbing doctor, the first one. He did give me a booklet on knee replacement because it is bone on bone. He just wants to see how long the steroid shot works. He took new xrays of my hips and he says the pain I have been having, he thinks is from the compressed vertabra in my back and since it is an old compression he would not want to fool with that. He said that since I said I was having groin pain on the left, he may want to do that but not until the pain gets worse. Good for you and your clean basement.

  2. I almost undid the good things on my knee but I think it is ok. Learned a hard lesson after 82 years.