Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The phone saga has been resolved.   The Verizon sales person did say when you drop a phone in water to IMMEDIATELY remove the battery and place the  phone in a bag of dry rice and leave it there overnight. 

Somehow I have doubts about this technique after have the phone go through a complete wash cycle is right.  Some times it works but most of the time is does not.  It is good to know, but I do not plan to wash a phone again.  Of course, I had not planned to wash it the first time.

It was getting to the time where I would have been eligible for a new one, so I did just that.  On Verizon they have a backup assistant, which is wonderful and no cost.   You just transfer your contacts to the new phone.  Poof there they appear.

With all the phone services out there I have never had a problem with Verizon.  Although there are a few dead spots in the wilds of upstate central Pennsylvania.

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