Sunday, February 26, 2012


It has been almost two weeks since I have posted.   What have I been doing?   I have been trying to figure it out myself.....

Yesterday I really had a bummer of a day.   I killed my was not an easy thing to do but I did it.    This was the first phone I have killed by negligence.   How, I washed my winter jacket and it was in the pocket.   I tried to dry it will a hair dryer, but that did not work.

So, today, I have to go to the store and see about getting a new one.   What a day,   I was really a "DAMN" moment when I realized what I did.  I guess I should have kept the jacket dirty.   Now the secret is out and when my sibs read this they will  harass  me for awhile.  In our family it is better to own up to your faux pas and get on with it.

I have been spending a lot of time searching for dead people, mostly the family ancestors.   This has gone from an addiction to an obsession.   Or perhaps the other way around?   I have been learning a lot about history as I weave my my way through looking for people back in time.

My greatest excitement is finding records from hundreds of years ago.    The vital records keep by the government are a more recent thing.  When you go back in time the records were kept by various churches. When I find something it is probably a birth or marriage record and in the state of Pennsylvania it will be tax records, deeds or wills.  

That is it for today, which by the end of it will prove to be expensive....



  1. I have been reading on FB to put your phone in dry rice, but I bet that yours was to far gone going thru a complete cycle. I don't have one but my daughter has one and Ron wants one but his wife says "ours is perfectly good". It stands to reason my son in Texas has one and I am not sure about My oldest son. He is so hard of hearing, heredity, I am not sure how it would get along with his hearing aids.

  2. Lovely about the cell Dropped mine in a horse water bucket in December did get it to work again with the rice trick.