Thursday, March 29, 2012



I have a mundane life and not much to post.  A few months ago I read the local Sunday newspaper and they gave a thumbs up to the Van Gogh exhibition in Philadelphia. The last show I saw there was Monet back about 1989 or so.

  It was at the PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART, which is the third largest Art Museum in the county.   I have to check who is number one and two, but I suspect the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is number one.  I really loved the show which had about fifty paintings.   I would have loved to see a few of his more famous works.  A few years back we had viewed the entire museum and that was a all day and multi-hour affair. 

On Monday we took a trip to the MUTTERS MUSEUM.  The museum is macabrely fascinating.   This is not for the faint of heart, and be you forewarned the IMAGES can be disturbing.   The interesting thing today is a lot of the conditions could be corrected today.

The day we first arrived it was warm and we spent the later afternoon just walking around the town.  The hotels are expensive but we found a small, reasonably priced hotel.

We did a lot of walking on Sunday and Monday.  We walked from 22nd street down to 12th.   On the day of the Art Museum it was way too cold to walk.

It is just a three hours drive from Emily’s home up the middle of no where PA.   We stopped at TRADER JOES'S of which the nearest one to her is in Philadelphia.  Emily is excited because she read they are opening stores in Rochester NY and State College PA, each is about a two hour drive from her.   Sometimes before I go to visit her I stop in to the Trader Joes in Pittsburgh for the essential of her care package.

Its back home for me tomorrow.

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