Sunday, April 15, 2012



Really I do,  earlier this week my neighbor stopped by and said we have a crow who keeps jumping on Chucks car and pecks at the window and mirror and cawing loudly.   I have hear him out there but have not gone to check what he is doing, but he did sound rather close.

Well, the next time I heard his raucous vocalization I peeked out the window.  There he was, sitting on the car mirror pecking at it.   Then he jumped on to the door, holding on with his talons, where the window and door meet, pecking at the window.  The problem is each time I slightly move the curtains he takes flight.

What is the crazy bird up too?   He is either in love with himself or he views the black car as a rival.   Chuck was wondering how minute chips of paint and scratched on the top of the door happened.    Well that mystery is now solved, but how to discourage his amorous nature?  

I have to look into a cardboard cutout or a blow up doll and station it near a window,  what will the neighbors think about that one.  Second thought, forget the blowup doll.



  1. need a leg the one from the movie about the kid who wants the bb gun for Xmas

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  3. Ahha! He's trying to steal the car. You don't need a scarecrow, you need a shotgun! (just kidding, of course!).

  4. Tami, maybe I need the BB gun....But he leaves when he hears a sound or the curtains move.