Sunday, June 24, 2012

$300 TOASTERS????


My old toaster died a slow and final death.  What I had noticed first was the fact the Thomas’ English Muffins were not as brown and crispy as they should have been, so I increased the toasting time to the top notch.   Then they were not even toasting at that level.   My old toaster was somewhere about twenty years old and it had served me well.

Find another toaster was in my plan for Saturday.  I did some online research and checked the following sites,   Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Macys and Penneys.  To my great surprise, somewhere out there in the cost is no object land there are toasters that cost up to $339. DUALIT CLASSIS TOASTERS and although their prices were not readily apparent on their site it was very apparent on TARGETS site.   Who in the hell would pay that for a toaster?    Someone with more money than brains.

The rest of the toasters seemed to cost in the area of $15 to about $80 with the most averaging about $25.    Off to Wal-mart to get my toaster because I have more brains than money.    They had a nice selection of about ten toasters and the one I wanted was out of stock.   In fact most of the toasters were out of stock.   Why were the toasters out of stock?   The only thing I can determine is there was a run on toasters due to bridal showers?????  What was left, a Rival toaster.

What I purchased was a four slice, with wide slots for muffins and bagels, RIVAL toaster. It is white and not the seductive, shiny stainless steel, but it toasted my Thomas’ English Muffin perfectly and it was nicely browned and crispy and the peanut butter melted in to the crevices.   It cost me $16.00 and I now have more money to spend on me.  Honestly, I could have purchased 22.6 toasters to equal the price of the Dualite.  I probably will buy some jewelry, LOL.

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  1. Ridiculous prices. Glad you got a cheap toaster you like.