Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The time came and it was time to paint our family room.  Chuck had repaired some cracks and we were ready for the new color.   The previous color was a cool beige and I wanted a new color.   We went to  Lowes and I was  enticed by a warm pale yellow.

Yesterday we started the project and all I can say is do not buy Valspar paint.  We purchased the top of the line paint with came with a primer and was guaranteed to cover in one coat.   IT DID NOT COVER IN ONE COAT.   You can see the under layer  in areas,  I was extremely disappointed because that now means double the work.   We finished one wall and now it is a major problem,   I love the color and color selections they have but what good is it if doesn't do the job that was advertized?   

Honestly,    if it do what they said it would what good does it do.   He is on his way to the store to see what can be done, so now I have three beige wall and one pale yellow.........I will not buy this brand again.  I am considering searching Facebook and see if  Valspar is there.

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