Saturday, June 16, 2012



I did not intend to take a hiatus but it just happened.   What have I been doing?  We have been busty working at the daughters house, just things that needed  to be done.

The electrical wiring was updated and a new roof is on the schedule.  Chuck met four, or is it five, roofers and now we have the estimates and the choice.   They are very busy and I  suppose the project will start in about a month.

What we did find out is that there are four layers of shingles on the house.   This may actually take it back till the time the house was built.   There will be a lot of shingles to take to the landfill.  I hope to  get pictures of this process. 

After two duds I finally got a Droid that is working.  It was a long process but now I am all set.  

I am working on a Genealogy Blog for our local group and have been busy with that set up.   It will debut soon.  I have been spending a lot of time looking for Historical Societies, Libraries and Genealogy resources to put on the blog.

We are going to the movies this afternoon, I hope it is better than the last one.  No matter how bored you are, NEVER go to see  DARK SHADOWS 

  Tim Burton is a great director but this is by far and away the lowest of the low films by him.  Save your money, I would not watch this again if they paid me.

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  1. Hi Claudia, and I hope you get to see a good movie and a Happy fathers day to chuck