Saturday, July 7, 2012



I thought, hopefully, that once I retired I would be able to sleep in.  For the past forty some years I have been getting up at about 5 AM or a bit earlier in order to go to work.

I had hoped, unrealistically it turned out to be, that I could somehow work my awakenings to a later time.    I has not happened and I do not think it will, this morning was the exception.   I woke up at 4:40 and fell back asleep and reawakened at 6:00.   That was a treat. 

Since it is so hot I have been going for my walk early in the morning.   I left the house at 7:30 and by the time I got home, thirty five minutes later, I was already sweating.   It is HOT and HUMID, you can see the moisture in the air and the grass was covered with dew.   This even the forecast is for a COLD front to come through and it will drop the temperature from a high of 98/100 down to about 82.   It is funny that drop will be noticeable even when it is 82.  

I just do not feel like doing much the past few days,I imagine that the rest of the country feel the same.  I find it hard to imagine that a lot of people are still without power after a week.   The main problem is the lack of access in some remote areas of WV and MD.   The article I read said that they can not get the bucket trucks to the areas and the poles will have to be accessed by the lineman climbing the poles.

About twenty years ago we had a storm come through and we were with out power for about four days.   It was miserable because it was hot and in the 90’s.   We lost all the food in the freezer and refrigerator.  But the fortunate thing is I do not have a pump to get my water.   I could shower and do the bathroom business which was a great plus.   My stove is also gas so I could cook, but we ate out most of the time at the local family restaurant.   I would not like to repeat that adventure.

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  1. We were without power for 5 days in the middle of winter. Now that is a problem trying to jus keep sort of warm. I can't sleep late either. Hate it.