Tuesday, July 3, 2012



This  morning I decided I needed to change my picture with an updated one.  I was looking at the dearly departed red cat in the picture and realized that Ginger has been dead for fifteen years.   So, the new one is less than a year old.   

Today I got up early and decided that walking in the afternoon was just too hot. It was 75F at eight in the morning, right now it is about 92F  Perhaps tomorrow, I will go earlier than eight.   In the winter I will go in the afternoon because I will wait till it is warm.

When Chuck and I walked last week, I was hot and my face was flushed.   I had to take a cold shower, I just did not feel right.   I decided that I do not tolerate the heat, I even took water with me last week.  

Today I worked on painting the family room, we had started it last week and I am doing the walls.   The room has cathedral ceilings and is about 28 x 16, that is a lot of painting.   Why is the room that size?   Because when we constructed it we would not have to cut any boards, how was that for planning.

I  guess that is all for today, I have to go and observe my progress.  I decided to write a post rather than watch the paint dry.

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  1. Just decided to drop by and see how you are doing. I find walking just before dusk to be best. In the mornings, it just keeps getting hotter as you walk. Later, it cools down as time passes and it's more comfy. My normal walking is 35+ miles a week, so I have had a lot of practice! Hope all is well with you and yours.