Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Chuck and I have been walking, getting a bit of exercise.   This has been tiring in the hot summer.  For the past few days we have started out a bit earlier because it is "cooler."   If in the low eighties is cool, but after the days in the high 90's, low 80's is cooler.

Yesterday we did our usual route and we will make a decision to go back through the housing plan or walk on the road.   I elected to walk on the road, and while doing so, what did I find but a $20. It was dirty, so I am thinking that it had been there a while and I suppose many people to not look where they are walking.

I was really surprised.


  1. That is great. When I had my schnauzer Joe took her for a walk and she nosed out a 10.00 bill. We are going to try the pumpkin on Spunky.

  2. Spunky gets a table spoon in the AM and in the pm with his food of pumpkin. He gobels it right up. I bet you would know,what is "acute viral labyrinthitis."? They started giving read outs and I don't know what that is, not sure I need to know but I want to know. I am going to the Dr. Monday if you don't see this to get back to me, I will ask when I go in.