Wednesday, August 15, 2012



My printer failed to print.  My printer was out of ink, I got the clue when the little drop was blinking at me.    There were not instructions on this printers operation, so within the bowels of Epson I found a manual for the printer.

It instructed me to go to the lower task bar and click on the printer icon.   Blue, red and yellow were down to the dregs, if there is such a thing with the ink cartridges.

First I checked the Sunday paper, hoping some place would have it on sale.   My logic was perhaps students would need this going back to school in a few short weeks.    NO SUCH LUCK.

So, next I went to the supply store for office things.   They have all kinds of ink and all high prices.   I made my choice,  what was my other option?   I wandered around looking at things and products and I found brand new, but discontinued printers for only a few dollars more than the damned in I was carrying.   It is practically cheaper to buy a new computer than the ink.  

My next idea is that if I want to do any mass printings, just to take it to Kinko or a store similar and use their ink.  It will be a lot cheaper than using my ink.  I would like to come up with an idea to make ink cheaper.  I will have to think on it for a while.

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  1. I have also had my fair share of problems with printers. I can feel your frustration but I am glad it all worked out.

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