Tuesday, September 25, 2012



I thought that when I retired I would be able to sleep in.   Actually my idea of a fantasy vacation is a week of sleeping in till 9 AM.   It is never going to happen. I wake up at the same time as I did for my working career.   This morning is was 04:30 but I did manage to fall back asleep till 05:15.  

Tuesday is the trash pick up day.  I save the kitchen bag till the early morning to put it outside.   Raccoons and who knows what other varmints will get into the bag if they smell any traces of food to be had.   I sit it out with the bag of spent cat litter on it, they are never interested after that. 

We have a relatively new trash service and they gave us a large plastic “recycle” cart.  Just about everything that is recyclable goes into the this cart and you put it at the end of the driveway.   The paper, metal, and plastic all goes together, they must sort it at the factory or just throw it in a hole somewhere.   I have my suspicions about where the recycling stuff actually goes.

Chuck is at the daughters, it is his turn to do work there.  He has to do some pointing on the basement bricks.   When I was up there two weeks ago she and I painted a bedroom and sorted the contents of closets.   We gave a lot of things to the thrift store and library, plus threw away a lot of junk.  We also have to paint the stairwell and upstairs hall, it will be the same color (Smokey Taupe, by Benjamin Moore) as the downstairs hallway.

He told me yesterday that the previous owner actually painted over moss.  This guy was so cheap and I would not hire him to clean my cat litter boxes because everything he did was half-assed.

I wanted to post pictures but somehow (????) lost them on the camera.  I took before and all that is on the card is “after.”   I suppose a demon of the electronic world has gotten the before pics.    I think I will remove the camera card and see if they are somehow stores internally on the camera itself.

Today I am collecting the AC deflectors and start preparing the house for winter.   Lucy, the cat, likes winter she has her favorite place near the vent when the furnace comes on.   Actually they all do and Lucy has the prime lounging spot.

I guess this is enough of mindless chatter and I should get busy to accomplish my goals of today.

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