Sunday, September 23, 2012


For the past few weeks that has been a change in the air,or on the wind.    Summer is not my favorite season, for me it is too hot.  I read that this past summer was the third hottest in recorded history.   Not only for Western Pennsylvania, but it seems the entire world.

We have air conditioning and ceiling fans.   The cost of the electricity is high and the temperature where I would like it to be set would been very expensive.  So I greet Autumn with happiness.

My sisters and I went to PENN'S COLONY  yesterday.   The weather forecast was 20% chance of rain, and where was that 20%?   Right over the festival grounds.  The trip was easy and the fields of corn are now golden and leaves on the trees are their beginning shades of yellow and orange.

The festival mainly consisted of vendors and food, plus an Irish Music Band.   There was a light rain when we arrived and we did walk around a bit with the umbrellas up periodically.  There were an abundance of crafts and they were of good quality, but very expensive, or has it been so long since I had been at the venue that I am out of touch.  I bought a few things, including fudge.....I saved my calories for the fudge...

About half way through the grounds a deluge started and people were scurrying to find shelter under the canvas covering of the vendors.   They were covering their wares and I felt bad for the people who had baked good.  That is a lot of hard work and could be quickly destroyed with the rain and humidity.

An amazing thing was the food selections, it was mostly fried things and high caloric drinks.  Do we really need a fried cheese sandwich???  I could feel my cholesterol going up just thinking about it.  My sisters and I settled for a roasted turkey sandwich and they had baked red potatoes for the side dish, which is much better than the french fries.   The turkey sandwich was very good,   it was sliced turkey breast not deli meat and the bread was so fresh.   Really good.

The festival runs today and next weekend, I hope they have better weather on the remaining days.


  1. The food sounds delicious and the rain is delightful! The temperature here in rainless West Texas has been hovering around 100 for months. I hardly ever use my air conditioner because it's too expensive.

  2. I will just say very timidly is your printer working???

  3. Sometimes it is, the printer is very old (about 6 years) and it is difficult to get moving.