Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This morning I read an article in the local newspaper, The Pittsburgh Tribune Review.  The column is by Marc Morrone, a reader had written in about her finicky 5 year old cat who takes a few licks and walks away.    That is nothing surprising in cat behavior.  She was concerned that the cat was not getting enough to eat.

His answer was that adult cats sleep up to 18 hours a day and then for the rest of the day they look out the window.  Up until this morning I thought my cats were just lazy, but seems they all are. Unless, of course, you have to provide your own meals, then I suppose a lot of time is spent stalking, hunting, catching and eating the final catch.

The senior woman was very concerned and would add deli chicken to the cat food after the cats refusal.  Who said cats were not smart?   The cat had trained its owner..  What Marc did say was it is OK,  and harden your heart and wait it out because "hunger is the best sauce."

I like that guy.  What I tell mine, the next meal is twelve hours away.  The choice is yours felines, the're not listening, they are looking out the window....

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