Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I live about 500 miles from the Atlantic, at least I guess I do.   I will have to check that fact, I just checked it is 397 miles from Pittsburgh to Cape May NJ.   It started to rain Sunday night, but it was light rain.   By Monday morning it was pouring and very windy.  

There is an easement that runs under the side of my yard and the basin is at the back of the yard.   Chuck and I went up there and removed the stick, leaves and debris from in front of it.  The wood will act like a damn then it overflows and runs down  my yard.   Nothing flooded there last night.   Since the rain was coming from the north we placed a sheet of heavy duty plastic and weighed it down with bricks to decrease the possibility of water coming in that side of the house.   I have to check that today.

The wind howled last evening and when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning it was raining but lightly and the wind had also died down.   We are fortunate that we did not lose power.  I was all ready with a new supply of batteries, LED lamp and about ten candles.  I had to drag them out of the closets.  We did not need any of those items.   My sleep was tossing and turning and awakening with every noise, we have three large oak trees in the back that were swaying in the wind.

The daughter fared well, no water leaks into the house.  She said the lights flickered a bit but no power outage.   The center of the storm was expected to get to the center of the state and abruptly turn north.  More for her to worry about, but she said the wind has died down..

Pittsburgh has a lot of low lying old towns, all along the three rivers.   Some area were decimated by Hurricane Ivan but since then several of the problem creeks and streams had been dredged and did not pose the same problems as in September 2004.

I am glad there was no major disaster in Western Pennsylvania.

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  1. I am glad there was no problem with your house. I feel so bad for those poor people.