Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week I told my husband that the furnace was sounding different, meaning it was sounding loud when it kicked on to heat up.     He located the source as one of the two motors.   So, a call to Bernie the furnace guy,  who came out and said 'This furnace was installed in 1991."

He then explained that the particular motor was sealed and it was the ball bearings that were making the noise and they could not be oiled.  What he found was that the parts were no longer being made.  He did find one on line and ordered.   By today it was making noise that sounded like a space shuttle launch.     Repair man said "That is a lot louder"   I said, "I think it would have gone on Thanksgiving" Chuckle. chuckle, probably....

The new motor was installed in about twenty minutes and Bernie was out the door.    If it goes again, I will have to seriously consider replacing the furnace.  I will start with a furnace fund today.


  1. Funny that you would post about the furnace today. Joe was hearing a noise coming from one of our motors he didn't think was right. Then he remembered we had someone out on that 2 years ago and he said scrape the dust off the fins, or whatever they call them. He did and the noise went away.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Claudia and Chuck. Hope the furnace woes are over.