Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Since last Friday it has been, damp, cold, gray, overcast, rainy and down right depressing.  I was feeling like I needed one of those lamps they sell for SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER.   I felt like napping but when I tried to fall asleep I just could not do that.   It was starting to remind me of at story by Ray Bradberry and the rains on Venus.  It was from a short story ALL SUMMER IN A DAY.  You can watch it on that last link.

Well, today is bright and sunny, it started out a bit chilly at about 26 but now is up into the low 30's.  At least the sun is shining and should be for the next few days.

I finally got the Christmas Cards written and mailed.  I am early with them this year...I usually get them done the week of Christmas.   I even had the candles in the windows on the first December Saturday.

Nothing much else new to write about; just wanted to prove that I was still among the living.  LOL

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  1. It is cool here and the furnace is running, pretty often. Are you all set for Christmas? I don't really do much any more. Let the kids do it. Hope you have a good holiday.