Wednesday, December 19, 2012



My morning routine is to get up, that’s a good start, and then make a up of tea.   I like coffee but it makes me to jittery and then I can’t fall asleep.   If I have the coffee it will be in the morning.

After a few cups of tea I am ready to start my day. Right now I am on number two and I decided I was going to form a posting.   I checked my email, and there was not too much there.   It is really a sad day when you get more mail in your junk folder than you do in the “real” email list.

I was reading my blog list and even the amount of them are less.  I am sure it will pick up after the Holidays are over.

The first snow storm of the season is headed our way, or so the weather service tell us.   This year was something new in the winter storm development, or rather, the reporting of it.   The storms are now named and the one coming is DRACO, I think it sounds like a malevolent sorcerer rather than a storm.   Perhaps it will be a malevolent storm; time will tell on that one.

The house is colder now and I can tell in the morning if it is cold and what to wear.   It just seems to be a chilliness from the walls,  even with the furnace warming up the house.

For the most part the Christmas list has dwindled, that happened over time I suppose.  With the deaths of our parents and the increased cost was another factor.  I now buy mostly for our daughter and the acquisition of her presents is essentially finished. 

As soon as I am finished with my English Muffin and third cup of tea I will venture out and go to the grocery store and library and get a book or two to replace my email and blogs till things get back to “normal”

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  1. We got snow. Started yesterday with a few sprinkles at about 11:30 then I went to Shopko and it was a cols strange rain. When I came out it felt like sleet. I came home and where we park in the back on the dirt there were tiny little white balls showing up. 10 minutes later it was sticking. We didn't get as much as predicted but plenty as far as I am concerned. We had a big drift acroiss our sidewalk.