Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today we had lunch at TGI Fridays, and I have always liked their food, I usually get their Grilled Chicken Sandwich.   When we got the menus there were a few with a little logo and the words "under 750 calories",  so I asked the waiter if that meant that all the other were over 750 calories.

Yes, indeed it does.  Emily got out her phone and was searching for TGI Fridays on line menu,  Their black bean burger was about 1160 calories and my chicken sandwich was over 1140.   Some of the salads were  over 1000 calories.   No wonder everyone is gaining weight.   So if you had an appetizer, entree, drinks and dessert you could potentially have over 4000 calories for a meal.

I know that some places are now required to list the calories and its about time.  If people were aware of all the calories they would be figuring out how to decrease the calorie count.   The daughter and I both ordered less than 750 calories plus a cu;p of coffee.

Now I feel like I have to check the nutritional list before I go out.

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