Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today was the day that two of the daughters cats came to my house.  Chuck put then each in  a cat carrier, facing each other, and drove 5 hours to our house.    I thought that there would be a lot of crying and gnashing of feline teeth.   No, they did not, in fact he said he heard only about 10 meows through out the trip.

Next phase will be introducing them to each other.  They are in a bedroom, with a litter box, food and water.  My cats are aware of them.   I have heard some hissing and slight growling from beyond the door.  I think both sets of cats are just a bit stressed,  perhaps tomorrow they will meet.

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  1. Is it truly possible that all the cats will eventually get along?? I hope so. I've had my cat for seven years and she WILL NOT tolerate any other cats. She goes completely berserk if she sees another feline.