Friday, March 22, 2013


The cats have not killed each other, or even drawn any blood.  I check around each time I come home to see if there are any little kitty carcasses lying about.   The all show up for food which is a event in itself.  

The cats arrived one week ago and Chuck left me with five cats.  For the first day or two Oscar was hiding under the bed and hissing and growling his displeasure at his abrupt upheaval.  Even though the door was closed, litter box, water and food provided, he would not come out.  Chuck managed to drag him out and he continued to hiss and growl.

Sofie was more adventuresome, she was sniffing under the door and hissing at the growls behind it.  By day three Sofie was out and about and day four Oscar was out exploring his new surroundings.   The resident cats were offended,  a lot of noise but no actual fighting.   I was armed with a water pistol and a few shots were given when a fight seemed forthcoming.

They are going out of their way to avoid each other, everyone hissing and growling, but it has decreased by about 90%.  Yesterday the daughter arrived with cat number six, Jenny.  Jenny had lived with us for about six years and she move back in like she had never left.  No cowering under the bed for her, just a quick stop at the litter box and then a perusal at the food dish.   She did not even investigate the surrounding,  guess it all seemed the same to her.   But even Jenny was hissing at Oscar and Sofie who she had live with her up until one week ago.

I think I am going to start growling myself....

Lucy and Henry, the Watchers.

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  1. What we will go through for our pets. I am glad your daughter is home. I bet she is a lot of company when she gets a day off. We have had horrible weather. Icy snow on the grass and streets.