Friday, May 10, 2013



Everything is proceeding nicely on the upcoming sale of the house in upstate Pennsylvania.  All the tests, inspections and appraisals are done with little ado.  Soon we will be packing and moving the household into storage for the time being.  Now I must get busy doing the list of things that need to be cancelled and returned.  We have hired help to do the heavy lifting and moving of objects.

Uhaul has a spot where they indicate that one month free storage if you move with them.   Spoiler alert, it is the second month, not the first that is the free month… considering how long it take to find new housing we may may be into the second month.

I will be glad when everything gets back to its “new” normal.   The cats are still hissing and much less growling.   Some of them are chasing each other in play, I decided if none of the above are included it is most likely play.

That is really about it for now, I wanted to let people know I was still alive and kicking.


  1. Moving is one of the most stressful and trying events in our lives. I hope everything continues to go smoothly. Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. I am glad everything went and is going as well as can be expected. Very glad the cats are all in one piece. That is a good thing.