Monday, May 27, 2013


The past few months have been hectic and filled with seemingly endless deadlines and projects.  The daughter had been living in the Wilds of Pennsylvania for over two years.  She had moved there because she could not find a Nursing position in Western PA upon her graduation.

She loved her position, but I think the old term was "home sick."   She applied and was offered a job back home.  The real challenge was doing necessary repairs and getting the house ready for sale.  Over the past year we had been repainting the outlandish colors that were there when we purchased the house.  During the initial house hunt there was not too much to choose from at the time.

The past six weeks, while the daughter worked, were spent packing and doing all the to do's on our list since its purchase.   The house sold quickly, in five days, and then came planning the move.

Last Thursday we hired two guys to assist us packing the van.  I really thought that it would be touch and go with the amount of stuff in boxes that literally seemed to be reproducing itself while no one was watching.  The day dawned, it was cold and raining. All the large furniture had to be taken down the outside staircase, which was covered--thank goodness, and loaded first after being wiped dry with a towel.   Then came the boxes and miscellaneous stuff.

The drive was long and where to park the van when one needed a rest stop was challenging, but we made it.   After an overnight park in the street outside our house. On Saturday we went to the prearranged storage space to unpack which has just been packed two days before. On Sunday my brother came and helped unload the large furniture.  Now the miscellaneous items and boxes are in the back with the large furniture in the front.   When she moves into the new house we will be able to move the large furniture (in a smaller U haul) in first and take the boxes in our cars   It takes some creative furniture arranging and stacking of items to make it all fit, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle.

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  1. Sounds like everything is moving along nicely. Hard work though. Tell "the kid" I said hi.