Friday, July 19, 2013


Yesterday, Oscar  the cat did a bad thing.  This was discovered after I heard him retching and making a deposit on the throw rug.  He spent a considerable amount of time chewing up some plastic bags.  Now, why would a 2 1/2 year old cat decided to eat plastic?

I have not a clue on that one.  He went to the vet and we are watching the little sucker.   Last night he was allowed water, and no vomiting happened.   Today he was permitted food and water, and no vomiting happened.   We just have to watch him for a few days but if he gets sick he had to go back to the vet.   At that point in time he may have a small bowel obstruction and need surgery.

He is in isolation because if he is out with the others we might not know who does anything offensive, such as regurgitating again.   I am hoping all he ate was in his stomach.   These cats are going to drive me to the poor house.

I looked for  a picture of him but will find one later.  Bad Kitty.


  1. I hope Oscar fully recovers from his misadventure with the plastic. My cat occasionally eats weird things and I don't know why. The other day she had a large string hanging out of her mouth and I pulled it out before she could swallow it.

  2. Animals are so unpredictable. They are fed perfectly good food and then go outside and pick up some questionable stuff. Spunky is terrible about that.