Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello July


Well, in one day that is….I am glad to see June done and gone.  We had an accepted bid on a house that we all really liked.  Then we found out that the owner did not disclose that the roof leaked.  We that offer was cancelled.   The funny part is the house was on the market for about a year and after our cancellation he relisted the house and increased the price about $3,000.  Go figure that one.

Back to the house hunt after we got our hand money back in the bank.  There was not too much on the market unless you wanted to do a lot of work, which we did not, because we are both getting too old to do that sort of thing.

I did see a house that was listed on Friday night and we saw it on Saturday morning and made an offer that same morning.  Accepted,  the house inspection is this week.  I hope the roof is OK on this one.  I still boggles my mind that the first guy thought nothing about the disclosures on the first house.

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