Tuesday, September 17, 2013


On Friday the 13th, really it was that day, I started my morning routine by
checking my email.   With in a minute the screen was frozen,  GRRRRR.  I had to force a shut down by pressing the "button," which you are not suppose to do.

I posted on a Technology site in Facebook and got a lot of ideas and really tried them all...     It continued to freeze, I worked in safe mode and did a full system scan, cleaned out the files, ran a disk check, tried a system restore, stopped the start up file and disabled the add ons.   This whole trial and error occurred over four days.

I was ready to call an IT person, and Chuck said buy a new computer.   One last thought was I had been using Google Chrome exclusively, so I had to find IE and to my surprise it worked with out the screen freezing. 

So, I deleted Chrome and have been on IE,  I will reinstall Chrome but who would have thought that a problem would so simple and easily fixed.   I thought it was a software problem and I was correct but it was not what I expected.  Now I have to go and install the Windows updates which have been collecting over a few days.  I also read that MS had a problem with the updates from Friday the 13th of September.   Guess I should go to their website and see what the revisions are.

I must say that since I have been doing all this computer cleaning, deleting and running scans I have the fastest computer East of the Mississippi.


  1. I'm always delighted when there is a happy ending. I definitely have to do some serious computer cleaning myself. When I first started using Google Chrome it gave me lots of trouble. After reinstalling it, most of the problems vanished. Not all....but most.....

  2. I will give you a shot at mine. any time. Sounds like you should start a new career.