Friday, September 6, 2013


The thing that amazes me is when we hit September it is like someone has turned the switch on the heat. This year it was sooner, rather than later.   Last night it got down in the 40's and I actually woke up feeling cold.  I guess I should find the winter weight quit and switch it out for the summer.   I have to think on that a bit longer.

We keep the A/C set at 75F and I never really sleep well.   This morning it was almost 8 o'clock when I awakened.  This was the best nights sleep I have had in months, and the temperature inside was 68F.  The day temps have been in the seventies and I expect to see a few more eighty's but the fall is coming.

I haven't written for about a month and actually nothing has happened, at least nothing blog worthy.  Except for one minor detail, Henry the cat was meowing loudly and sounding rather mad that the food giver person was not up to serve his breakfast at his appointed hour of 7 AM.  Glad the door was closed because he would have been on the bed bugging me.

The weeks seem to be whizzing by and I have no idea where they are going.  I have a little project or thing I need to do everyday and that adds to the rapidity of the time travel.

If you could travel through time where would you go?   I think I would go back and meet my great grandparents or actually, on second though, I would go back and by Microsoft Stock when it was initially offered.

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  1. It is supposed to get to 95 here today and has been for ages. So I really don't know what fall feels like. I am to tired to follow through time. lol