Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am sitting here and I have decided that I hate this winter, and it isn't even winter yet.   It all started before Thanksgiving and continued until now.    I can not remember such a snowy time between Holidays.   Not that any of us can do a thing about it.

I am also finding less and less to write about, perhaps it is my mundane life...There were not too many presents to buy and they have been purchased.  We made a wise decision to pull names for gift giving and then only names for the children, who are now all grown.  I am sure the retailers association would not agree with our plan, but it makes it easier for the family.

This Christmas we will be going to my sisters, and she lives close by.  My assignment are two vegetables to prepare.  I have given one vegetable dish to my daughter. She will study and peruse cook books and the internet and come up with a brilliant idea.  I am going to make green beans and I have done my perusal and determined that there are not too many new ideas for the beans.   I have been getting some ideas from my post of Facebook,  I do not know what it will be but I will fancy them up a bit and try to keep the calorie count down.

I finally got the wreath on the door, and candles in the windows.   We have not had a tree for a few years, and I miss the tree but not the hassle of the procedure and disposal. We should get an artificial tree but The husbands does not want one, it would just be more work anyway.

i am beginning to sound like an old grump, and here I am.


  1. I have been a grump, no doubt about it.. I just get irritated at the least little thing. I know what you mean about winter weather even before winter gets here. If it were not for the Christmas tree, Santa and Mrs. Santa that my daughter in law made for me over 30 or years ago I would have nothing out. She made me Angels to in ceramics we would have nothing up. I am not dealing well with Christmas this year. Not even going to my son and wife for Christmas. He understands this is not like me so he knows it is not just a snub. Just need time to reflect on my failing body, My son who died Dec. 21, 1992. I think of him always but this year, not only him but all of my brothers and sisters and mom and dad. Guess that is what happens when you get older and older. Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year,.

  2. Hope you made it through Christmas . Mine was pretty good for tghe mood I was in for the last few weeks.

  3. It was an Electro Cardiogram. she did yesterday. but I don't know if they checked the valves or not. I go back today and get the breathing test. Aside from saying when I turned on my side that my heart tipped a little and then the comment when I turned on my back that it slid. I will go back and get my breathing test today. I bet that if those tests are all ok or as ok as they can be, I will see an orthopedist. I just hate to think of a hip replacement with my balance problems and lousy insurance.

  4. Thank you for the heads up. I have no doubt that my downfall will be a full blown stroke, I hope far down the line but signs are cropping up more often. I hate to think of the bills I raked up Tues, Wed and Friday with all the tests I had. Had the transfusion for anemia and felt great and bingo I had that episode.. I have a hunch things may be more difficult with the A-fib.. I got a letter that it was time for me to see the cardiologist.. Joe won't let me drive. Now doesn't that make you feel happier to be who you are and not me? lol

  5. I made a mistake on my blog. Dr. called and said my hemaglobin was 10.3 and normal is not far from that so feeling good about that.