Friday, June 20, 2014


Now, if a person is having trouble with Blogger where can they go for advice?    Everything was working fine; then the same afternoon, about a week ago the trouble began.    What you might ask?   My subscribed blogs are not showing up on my Blog list, only the latest one is there and when I click on "view more"  a blank screen appears.

I do not know what to do with this.   Like a lot of companies, they have plenty of help to sell you the product and after you're hooked the help disappears.

Perhaps I will try Facebook and see if there is an answer there.


  1. Blogger does have a so-called "help center", but I'm not sure if it will be much help for the problems you've described (we all seem to be on our own when we have problems with Blogger).

    I HOPE this is correct!

  2. Ha, I just tried the link that I gave you and got a message saying that it doesn't exist. Are you able to access the Blogger Dashboard? On the very bottom of the page, on the left side, is a link for the Help Center.
    (so far I've been no help at all)