Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Computer mouse that is.   For the past year (really it has been) I have been having trouble with the mouse.  Everything is sailed over it would connect to that site.  This made me crazy because I spent most of my time unclicking things I did not want to see.

I went into the bowels of the computer, Google searched the problem and tried many suggestions. Today,    I again, went into "Mouse"  and still could not figure what was the problem.  There are about five sections and I found one that said "reset" for the mouse settings.    This has seemed to have fixed the trouble.  It also have a very limited area on the mouse pad when I could control the the movement in a small area, that too seems to have been resolved.

At least, for today, if is functioning in tip-top shape.  Strange things is I know I was not playing with the mouse settings,  perhaps the computer is possessed.


  1. Glad to hear you finally fixed your mouse! My computer is definitely possessed. Weird things like that are always happening. It seems like as soon as I fix one problem, another one arises. I think I need to call in a Priest......

  2. Sprinkle it with holy water, but close the lid first.....

  3. I had my computer tore down to factory settings.. Boy, have I had some surprises putting it back together. Still working on that.