Saturday, August 23, 2014


August is almost over.  I have noticed that some of the leaves are already beginning to change color.  This is rather early I think; usually the height of the color in Autumn is about the third week in October.   My sisters have been complaining that the nights have been too cool for the tomatoes to ripen, the past week and onward for the next ten days should be great for hastening the crop.

My sisters both do canning and we talked about it this week.   When I was a child my help was enlisted (not voluntarily I might add) to help with the process.  So, what do you let a nine year old kid do?   Anything that does not involve hot water or sharp knives.   I remember skinning the tomatoes and peaches placing them in the canning jars with cut sides down and my mom would pour the syrup (concoction of sugar and water) to cover them.   Then the lids and it would be secured with the metal rings, they must have a formal  name but it escapes me what it is called.

After that preparation they would go into a very large metal pan and the water would come to a boil.  I have not idea how long that process would take because it involved hot water.  Then they would come out and all evening you could hear the popping of the lids as they seal.

My sisters do all of that stuff now.  I have never canned a thing since I got married and left the house.   I think all the excitement of food preservation was worn out before I  moved.   I will Google how to do the procedure since I want to know what those rings are called and how long to boil in the water bath.

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