Monday, August 4, 2014


Today I went to the local mall, mainly to see what sort of fall clothes came in and to do a little walking.  Ninety five percent of the clothing stores are geared to the younger people, most of which are not employed, but probably have their parents credit card.  I must admit that the daughter would not have been permitted to exit the house wearing some of them.  Most of the clothes are barely legal and look like there is a possibly getting arrested for exposure, or freezing from exposure if you went outside in the winter.

One of my favorite clothing stores is CHRISTOPHER BANKS, they sell women's clothing and your kids would not be caught dead in and they don't look like grandmother duds.   I found a few things that would go with some items that I already have.   The woman, who appeared to be the manager told me that they would be moving to the other end of the Mall to the store vacated by Lane Bryant.   That store is about double if not triple the size.   I was quite excited to hear that and then she asked if I wanted a job...I was not looking for a job but it was nice to be asked.  The woman and I had talked about about fashions before, so we sort of know each other..

That was my surprise for the day.  Plus two shirts and a vest that were purchased.

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  1. Everything seems to be geared to the young nowadays - - I'm starting to feel very passe. I'm glad you found a store that suits your needs. And it was nice that you were asked if you wanted a job (heck, nobody ever asks me that).