Friday, December 19, 2014


The daughter and I were planning on going to do a little shopping today.  Upon awakening I heard the doom and gloom of the weather forecast in the Northern parts of Allegheny County, which is where we were headed.

The forecast of trucks and cars overturned and roads closed was the impetus for me to reschedule.  My burning question is why do people feel the need to drive faster on icy roads?  The strange part, as said by the weather person is that none of this drizzling precipitation was showing on the radar.

Glad we called it off, I will sit and do something exciting like the laundry perhaps. The husband called from the driveway to tell me that it was now icy where we lived.  I told him a smart person would come back home, but you know how they are.

I  read an article that, well just read it.  MEN ARE IDIOTS,  I think they wasted a lot of money on this survey, you just had to ask a female.

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  1. when the weather is that foul, it's best to keep cozy and stay at home. I've lived in numerous parts of the country, and people seem to drive like maniacs everywhere. They never slow down on ice or in snow or rain.