Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Do you really have any idea how many things are connected to your home WIFI network; a lot I will tell you that.

A few months ago the WIFI would randomly disconnect; I called Comcast and they reset it for me.  Then it started to do that at least once a week.   I figured out how to reset it with a paperclip.

The past week it started on a daily basis and sometimes it would reset itself and sometimes it would not.  I called Comcast again and they set up an appointment for the tech guy to come out.   He arrived yesterday and checked the cables, we were set up for five TV’s; I never owned five TV’s at one time in my life. Then he installed a new modem.

  I then had the challenge to reset the network and passwords; I did two PC’’s, one iPad, one iPhone and thought I was finished.  This morning I went to print and my nice Epson printed did not print.   I had forgotten that it was connected to the network, where is the book—haven’t a clue there.   Then to check the Epson site and it told me to update the security information.

REALLY !!!!! I already knew that, but it did not tell me how.  Did a Google search and came back with an innumerable amount of hits.  The best one was a downloadable manual who informed me how to get into the bowels of the printer via the printer.  I did manage to resurrect the former useless to me printer into a machine with full functionality.   

My next problem is that some of the Capitals are not printing when I hit the Shift key.   I did a search on that one and it told me that the Caps Lock could be stuck.   I don’t think so, it is working well.   I have to do more research on that one, the computer is four years and my beloved windows 7 and I am shaking in my fuzzy slippers think I will have to get windows  8.1 or what ever it is called now.

When is the next Windows being released?  Right now I am hitting the Cap Lock button to make the damn CApS.   See, it missed the P.


  1. You have done a grand job already Claudia. I wouldn't have had a clue how to do any of this! I get my son, who is working in computers to sort all my problems out for me. I need my scanner sorting out now. That's something I hardly use until I needed to scan an old photo. It is still waiting to be scanned to my laptop. One Good luck with your problems.

  2. Maybe my computer skills aren't what they were, since I tried to post this yesterday! I haven't posted in years. Windows 10 comes out next year. It is supposed to be more intuitive and user-friendly.

    You can buy your own modem/router for a lot less money than renting one from Comcast. Here they charge us $8 a month. I buy my own, install myself, and pay about $100 for it, and the last one hung in for a good 10 years.


  3. I hope to keep this old computer going until windows 10 comes out, then I plan to use this one as a second screen while I am doing my genealogy. I spend a lot of time going back and forth. Somehow, I imagine you can have two windows open at one time but I do not know and I will have to look in to buying a modem.