Monday, March 16, 2015


Today is really a relief from the mind and bone chilling cold, or rather bone freezing cold.   It is suppose to get up to 65F and I think there may be a chance that I will open the windows, so the cats can get a few good sniffs off the changes in the breeze of the last few wretched months.

Today I am disillusioned with the iPhone products.  It seems that everyone who has an iPhone is so enamored with it, but not me.   About a month or so ago the WiFi feature decided to stop working.   Every where I go, as well as at home, I connect to the WiFi because of the decrease in minutes that is coming with increasing costs.   I will not use my minutes when WiFi is available.

So a trip to Verizon Wireless and they did everything plus more to get it to work; no dice on that one. My salvation was to be a "refurbished" phone, I think they get them out of the junk pile, although the true origins of these escapes me, but I suspect that they are from the phones that are turned in when something New, Bright and Shiny has come along,   Or, someones phone develops a non solve able problem occurs, like no WiFi...

The iPhone #2 needs to be charged twice a day, really I heard that Apple products had a low battery life, but twice a day is ridiculous .  I plugged  the phone in at 10 PM and at 7 AM it was 75% full, now at 1:45 it is about 35% charged and I have not called a soul, or checked anything but the Weather Channel twice.  I am thinking that it needs a new battery but you can not change the battery, it is a good ploy for selling more phones I have to admit.

I am feeling like I am ready for an argument, and tomorrow looks good to be the day.   I refuse to get another iPhone because the value is not there for the performance I am getting.   I  perused the Windows phone but the apps I like are all not Evernote, for example.

So I guess it is going to be an Android products, they have my apps.  There is a super sonic, 15 minute charge one that has caught my eye and some that have more MP than the camera I am using, I am also interested in that one.  I will just have to do some more investigation and see what tomorrow brings.    I really do not want another refurbished phone and the impending problems that I can anticipate.

Well, tomorrow is another day...

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