Sunday, August 9, 2015


I just happened to notice that I haven't posted in almost two months.  I guess my life is very mundane,or boring I have  to decide which.   I suppose my writing decreased with my retirement and I do not know because I supposedly have more time than ever.    I just have squeezed more things to do and do not have, or make time to write.

I guess I need to Google "how to get back my mojo for writing" or "How to motivate my myself to do a lot of thing I said I would do, including writing."    The latter sounds like a better description of it.
I guess I will contemplate that for a bit to see what develops.

The weather is still hot, and that is a relative term.   On the radio it call the temperatures in the mid to high 80's as warm.   To me this is not the truth, because I consider anytime I have to turn on the A/C to be hot.   The problem at my house is it is on an East-West orientation and we have trees trees on the East facing back of the house and the front faces directly West.   Which means that after about 2 PM it gets really hot in this house.   Since this is the first house we bought we had no idea that it would be so hot in the summer.  I have since learned not to do this again. If I sell this house it will be in the spring or fall, and I will check the orientation of the next one before I buy.

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  1. I always thought I'd have more time to do things when I got older. Ironically I have less time.

    The house that I have here in Tennessee doesn't have air conditioning. It had two window air conditioners, but I removed them because they looked ugly. Fortunately, the brutally hot days here are rare (not like in Texas, where it was hot for months). The worst thing about TN is the humidity.