Monday, September 21, 2015


October is my favorite month and in just about two weeks we will be done with September.  The weather has been weird and hot, I read that this September is probably going to be the hottest on record.     I am overjoyed to hear that.  

Nothing going on in my life, I should find something exciting to do but what will that be?

I have been asking myself for a few years, or perhaps this is the best it gets.   I am starting to sound like I need to talk to a therapist.

I was looking at the pictures I had taken in Europe and Asia, when we lived in both places and much to my amazement most of then have faded.   They were taken in the mid 1970's and I notice a lot of them have done that, not only mine but pictures that other post.  Why did that happen?  I need to go and see if I can find someone to put them on a CD or DVD for me.   That will give me a lot to do.

On to the story of the Korean rats, just for Jon.   When we lived in Korea we were assigned a two bedroom apartment, it was luxurious standards for the time.  We also had a Wire Hair Fox Terrier, he did not like the denizens of that country.   He had to be in 10 days quarantine and we had given the dog holding place a large bag of dry dog food for them to feed him and when we got him back he had lost so much weight.   I think now they sold the food on the black market and starved the dog.  I think also some of the dogs told him they ate dogs there.

He would lay at the entry to the apartment and listen to everyone who would go up and down.   Sometimes he would growl and sometimes nothing at all.   It took me a while to figure it out but he did not bark or growl at the expats only the locals.  The locals would not come in the apartment unless the dog was secure behind the bathroom door, some of the people had their apartment broken into but not us....

One day I head noise next to the bathroom and it was scurrying and scratching, then I noticed the loud squeaking.   There were rodents running up and down the pipes in the walls and they were not small.    In a few days we were notified that rat poison had been baited, the idea was for them to go outside in search of water.   And in a few days they did.   They were the largest rats I have ever seen. They were a light gray and about two foot long, which included the tail.

When the dog first saw then he went crazy, pulling at the leash, snapping his jaws and growling. He had an instinctual hatred for the those varmints and I am sure he would have ripped one apart if he had gotten hold of it.   There was a mass extinction outside of the apartment building, it was rather gross.

Enough of the rats.


  1. What a fascinating post. Thanks for sharing this in my behalf. I've seen a lot of weird critters here in the wilds of TN, but thank God I haven't yet seen rats. I don't know what I'd do if I ever saw two-foot rats! You should consider writing a book about your experiences in Asia and Europe.

    When I lived in Southern California (specifically in Anaheim) I occasionally saw very big rats scaling the power lines. It was amazing (and unnerving) to see how agile they were. Here in TN I occasionally have small field mice in the house - my three cats are very helpful in eliminating them.

    By the way, October is my favorite month, too.

    1. P.S.
      All of my old photos have drastically faded, too. I've tried to save as many as possible on CD and/or DVD. Faded photos can often be revitalized via editing. I always use the free online photo editor called iPiccy ( but there are many others.

      It takes awhile to get used to these editing websites but once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy.