Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Computer Demons have followed me here !!!!

I do not know how it happens but electronic equipment does not like me. I am always having some sort of problem or another. But this time my followers, blog log and All about me have disappeared. Really, where does this stuff go???

The last time I saw was just before I had added pictures of the cat mice and Emilys Internet photo. Good Grief Charlie Brown. Does this happen to everyone or do I have a black cloud above my head???


  1. Claudia, nice to see a picture of you!

    I can still see your followers, and your About Me section, but not your blog log. Hang in there, it's a learning process!


  2. Thanks Beth. I do not know what to do about the blog log. It is usually something I did, usually inadvertantly.


  3. Like Beth I can see everything ok. I think most things are trial and error until we get the hang of things. Hang in there your doing great so far! (Hugs)Indigo

  4. thanks for stopping by... I'm following you now. Thanks for the nice comment... I didn't have your email so I came here. You can find directions on play list here